Twisted Series

Twisted Love

Twisted Love

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Series: Twisted, Book 1
Genre: Dark Romance

Sometimes a second chance at love isn’t like anything you could have imagined, even in your wildest dreams.

The only reason I’m back in this hell hole is because of her.
I had to see Amber again, and I figured this reunion was my only chance.
I know she’s the one.
The one I want with me forever.
I felt it back then, and I can feel it now.
But if she finds out too much too soon,
about my lifestyle and who I am,
she’s going to run from me.
And if that happens … I know I’ll never see her again.

The entire room and everything in it fell away when I looked into his eyes.
He still has that effect on me, even after all these years.
I’ll gladly do anything he wants.
Even though what he wants terrifies me.
But I can’t say no to Damon.
Every fiber of my being wants to obey him.
And now I’m giving myself to a group of men while a room full of strangers watch.
How much more twisted can love get?

Twisted Love includes scorching hot MMFM scenes involving one woman and multiple men, but in the end is a HEA romance between one woman and one man. It is a standalone novel of 43k words with no cliffhanger.

Reader discretion is definitely advised.

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