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As my special gift to you, I’d like to give you all four parts of the series, Jet-Set Billionaire, plus the extended bonus epilog that is only available in the complete series edition.

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The Mile High Club is about to induct its newest member…

Recently single flight attendant Erica Blake finds herself caught between her pilot ex-boyfriend, Brad, and billionaire Malcolm McDaniel on an intercontinental jaunt on his private jet.

The young playboy is en route to Tokyo with a bevy of beauties, and it’s up to Erica to remain professional even when he decides that the most gorgeous woman on the plane is her!

Malcolm is used to getting his way and won’t take no for an answer. He’ll do whatever it takes to convince Erica that he’s the man she needs to move on from her ex. But when ex-boyfriend Brad sees Erica after their time apart, he lets her know that he has no plans of letting her go.

This is the first part of a steamy four-part romantic adventure series, each of which can be read on your lunch break.

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