His to Take (She’s Mine Book 1)

His to Take (She’s Mine Book 1)

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Series: She's Mine, Book 1
Genre: Dark Romance
Publication Year: 2016
Narrator: Sarah Ravenwood
Illustrator: Kasmit Covers

His to Take is the first part of the She's Mine series. In order to understand the story, the three parts should be read in order and can all be found on this website.

His to Take (She's Mine Book 1)

His to Keep (She's Mine Book 2)

His Forever (She's Mine Book 3)

Brooklyn ...

Adrian was my first love.
The boy I'd always compared all the others to.
But now he's a man and he's holding me captive.
I'd heard the stories for years but I didn't believe them.
My Adrian couldn't have done the things they say he did to all the other girls.
But now that I'm with him I see that it's true.
I know he's a monster ... and I'm terrified of him.
But I'm also terrified of the feelings I still have for him ... and what those feelings mean about me.

Adrian ...

Brooklyn was the only one who ever saw my true self.
But that was seven years ago ... and it might as well have been a dream.
I had to leave her behind. It was the only way I could protect her from the truth about my family and our business.
But now a debt must be paid and she's been brought here.
And my father has ordered me to break her ... to ruin her.
If I follow his orders it will destroy me.
But if I don't ... my father will.

His to Take is the first part in a series with a HFN ending. Although there is some closure with the main characters, there are also many unanswered questions that will ultimately be revealed.

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