Dark Love: Part Two
Series: Dark Love, Book 2
Genre: Dark Romance
Publication Year: 2017
Illustrator: Kasmit Covers

This is the second and final part of the Dark Love series. The two parts should be read in order. Dark Love: Part One is also available on this site.

Even though she was free, Charlotte found herself in another prison. She was a prisoner inside her own heart.


I set her free.
I let her walk out that door, but now she’s in grave danger.
And it’s all my fault.
If they kill her it will be because of me.
I have to find her … and bring her back.
I don’t want to live this life if it’s without Charlotte.


No matter where I go I’m in a prison of some kind.
My father’s trailer …
A jail cell …
Even this beautiful island feels like a prison.
But I know that the prison cell I’m really in is inside me.
I want Raymond’s love … I need it.
But I’m afraid that the only way I can truly have it is to let him go.

Dark Love: Part Two is the second and final part of the Dark Love series. It contains dark subject matter and sexual themes that may not be suitable for everyone

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