Forbidden Games

Forbidden Games

Forbidden Games

Series: Games, Book 2
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publication Year: 2017

When the games you play involve lies and manipulation, the consequences can be more horrifying that you can imagine. Sometimes the only way out is to give in to your forbidden desires.

Zoe is like family to me.
I’ve practically raised her ever since her dad checked out with his gambling addiction.
Now he’s dead, but still owes millions to some gangsters,
and they want to take Zoe as a payoff.
Then they plan on selling her to recoup their losses.
She doesn’t know anything about this deal.
I can’t bear to tell her what her dad has done.
I’ve tried everything to pay them what they say they’re owed.
But they’re still after both of us and time is running out.
I’m terrified these men will catch up with her and I’ll never see her again.
But more than that, I’m terrified of the feelings I have for her.
Of what might happen between the two us if she stays with me.

I hate Evan.
He’s always trying to run my life.
He humiliated me, practically dragging me off the street in front of my friends.
And now he’s telling me I have to get on a plane and go with him.
But he won’t tell me where.
He won’t even tell me why.
I’m an adult now and I’m not going to let him treat me like this.
The only problem is …
If I hate him so much, why can’t I stop thinking about him?
As I’m crawling out a window, making my escape from him …
Why am I so sad?
And why do I want so badly to feel his arms around me and his lips on mine?

Evan and Zoe both know there are rules about falling in love.
Unfortunately, their hearts don’t want to play by the rules.

Forbidden Love is a romantic suspense novella of 27k words and includes an extended epilogue that was not previously published. It is intended for adults and includes some dark scenes that may not be suitable for all readers.

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